The Lock
By Boy Bob Harris

Click --- its a gentle sound
Baptized in fire and blood
the chain is placed around a neck.

Click --- its a quiet sound
A metal bar placed thru the ends of a chain
locks itself in place inside a metal box.

Click --- its an anxious sound
Heard only by two, one standing, one kneeling
their worlds will be forever changed.

Click --- its a calming sound
Two souls come together, binding completely becoming one
united by a total and unrelenting trust.

Click --- one becomes owner, one becomes owned
One accepts the ultimate in responsibility
taking total control of another's body and soul.

Click --- one becomes keeper, one gives away all
One freely and willingly, without any question
gives every fiber of his being in submission to the other.

Click --- two come together, two become one
Melting together in a love so complete
its impossible to tell what part came from which.

Click --- two lives join, intertwined as one
As one becomes Master
and one becomes slave.

Copyright 2007 Sir Real
All Rights Reserved.
Revised: June 18, 2007.